Devil's Work

Cross my heart and hope to die                              Karma kisses you to death

Stick a needle in my eye                                           Like she did when I left

I’ve lost my mind                                                       Take one last breath

There’s nothing sweeter than revenge                    My love was sacred for you

And you and I both know                                         No holy water can help you now

It’s best served cold                                                  Gonna drown you out

Like a whisper in the night                                       Sharp as a knife

I’m taking flight                                                         Hunting my prize

You’ll never see me coming                                     Baby you're my sacrifice

Oh Lord forgive me                                                  Yes only God knows

For I have sinned                                                      This is devil's work

The heavens rained down on my head

Oh please bless me

Now I am cursed

Cause only God knows this is devil’s work

Drama Queen

Welcome to my show                                                           Drama Queen

Take a seat at the front row                                                  Wear my heart proud on my sleeve

Watch me dance around the stage                                     Drama Queen

Acting every part I play                                                        Making the most out of nothing

                                                                                                Feeling not breathing 

Tell me I'm insane                                                                 Don't you mess with my mood

Too much water in my brain                                                 Drama Queen

I'm here to entertain                                                             What you get is what you see

High on emotional pain

I can be calm and controlled                                               Please don't tell me to calm down

Purer than gold                                                                     It'll only make things worse

Sweet as apple pie                                                               You can laugh it all you want

Or I can burn you like a flare                                                Try to make me hurt

Your biggest nightmare                                                        But I use these tears as bullets

Devil in disguise                                                                    To shoot you down

Rosie Posey

I did all the work                                                                Now my time is up

I passed all the tests                                                          And they cut me off

But still I don't know what it all was for                           Just a fly in their web of lies


I played all the games                                                      A beautiful ruse

Gave my soul away                                                           Cracked disguise

And still I don't know what it all was for                          Masters of artifice

                                                                                            It's now or never, won't get any better

I dreamed I'd fit into their wicked schemes 

Got burned by their dead eyes lookin down at me       Ashes, ashes, they all fall down

Almost a victim to their disease                                      One after another in this rose colored town

                                                                                           Ashes, ashes, their pockets empty now

Ring around and around again                                       One replace the other and spin right back   

Never trust anyone you call a friend                               around

Tear you down, only hungry for the crown

Ring around their rosie posey lives 

Prom Night

Did I tell you, how good you look tonight?                                 If I had a dime, for how many times

Well I meant to, but the words didn't come out right                I've been looked aside

I don't know how to act                                                                 I'd run away with you, and fly to paradise

All my senses are gone                                                                  But this isn't a fairytale, no happy ending

It makes me laugh, how could I miss                                            My prince charming found a different shoe

What I never had? 

Put on my party dress                                                                    Put on my party dress

Wear a fake smile                                                                           Wipe away the tears

Watch as my hopes are crushed under                                        Watch as my hopes are crushed under

High heeled shoes                                                                         High heeled shoes

Cause it's prom night                                                                    I know I sound bitter, it's not your fault

You're dancing with her                                                                Things like these fall apart

And I'm dancing alone                                                                  And maybe in another life 

You look happy, that's all I want                                                   It would be you and I tonight

So I'll drink my punch and leave you alone                                 So I'll save my slow dance, for myself

Credits and Thanks:

Special thanks to my mentor, Mark Gallegos; without his help and constant guidance, I would not be where I am today. You da best. 

All words and music written by Lucy Yates

Produced by Mark Gallegos

Co-produced and engineered by Kenny Muto

Vocals, Keys- Lucy Yates

Bass, Keys, Guitar- Mark Gallegos

Drums- Megan Stewart

Mixing on “Devil’s Work”, “Rosie Posey”, and “Prom Night” by Mark Gallegos

Mixing on “Drama Queen” by Kenny Muto

Photography by Rebecca Bellen

Mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse at Atlanta, GA

I hope you enjoy a little piece of my heart.